All payments for cleaning must be made on agreed terms whether weekly, fortnightly or monthly and to be paid in full.

If the payment is not received after a month then a $200 fee will be added, this will be added each month that payment remains unpaid.

If after two months the payment has still not been received it will also go to debt collection. Any charges for debt collection will be paid for by the client.

All cleaning to be completed will be agreed to at time of viewing or phone conversation, if extra is to be done or changes made, it must be agreed to by both parties and if extra time is needed to complete these then the necessary extra time will be charged for.

WAYNE'S CLEANING SERVICES LTD supplies all cleaning equipment and products, if you would like to supply your own then this needs to be discussed.

If there are any complaints about standard of cleaning or the staff these need to be discussed immediately with Wayne on the same day that the cleaning is done or the staff been at your premises.

GST will be charged to all charges for all cleaning.

If we work Public Holidays a surcharge will be charged plus GST.

If we turn up to a job or not given at least 12 hours notice that a job is cancelled or not being done through no fault of ours, you will be charged a minimum of 2 hours plus GST (rate depending on how many staff were arranged for said job). Also please make sure all monies, personal papers and jewellery are put away as makes my staff and myself very uncomfortable and do not wish to be put in a position where mis-trust occurs.


If we are cleaning for a business or paid through a business you will need to give us 2 weeks notice in writing via email or letter. If we do not receive notice you will be charged for the 2 weeks plus GST.

If we are cleaning domestic and paid through a business we require 2 weeks notice in writing via email or letter. If we do not receive this you will be charged for 2 weeks plus GST.